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Fig. 2

From: Abrupt involution induces inflammation, estrogenic signaling, and hyperplasia linking lack of breastfeeding with increased risk of breast cancer

Fig. 2

Abruptly involuted glands are highly inflammatory and immune reactive when compared to gradually involuted glands. Representative images of GI and AI mammary gland sections harvested on day 28 and day 56 postpartum and immunostained for a pStat3(Y705) and b F4/80. Values represented are log transformed. c CD45r and d CD3 (n = 3, scale bar = 100 μM). High-magnification pictures are shown in the inset. The bar diagrams in the respective panel show quantitative difference in expression of the immune markers between the GI and AI glands. Error bars represent standard error of the mean. Linear mixed models were used to calculate significance

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