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Fig. 7

From: A kinase inhibitor screen identifies a dual cdc7/CDK9 inhibitor to sensitise triple-negative breast cancer to EGFR-targeted therapy

Fig. 7

RNA-Seq reveals genes linked to poor survival in TNBC which are involved in the regulation of transcription, apoptosis and proliferation. a Thirty-four genes specifically downregulated by combination therapy whose expression is significantly correlated with metastasis-free survival in 142 lymph node-negative, non-neoadjuvantly treated, TNBC patients (data derived from in-house cohort as well as from publicly available datasets). HR hazard ratio. b Presence of aforementioned clinically relevant, downregulated genes in the top biological networks inhibited by combination therapy. c MITF, an upstream regulator of genes which are downregulated in response to inhibition of MITF under combination therapy

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