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Fig. 3

From: On-treatment biomarkers can improve prediction of response to neoadjuvant chemotherapy in breast cancer

Fig. 3

AAGAB is a promising on-treatment biomarker of chemotherapy response and outcome. a CART analysis identified AAGAB as a possible biomarker from the Edinburgh NEO dataset and was 100% accurate at predicting pCR in the training data and 76% accurate in the I-SPY 1 validation set. b The ROC curves highlight the difference in on-treatment and pre-treatment accuracy and selectivity. c Strip charts showing the level of AAGAB in responding and non-responding patients across time points. d AAGAB showed no significant (Pearson) correlation with established markers of proliferation in the NEO dataset, indicating it does not seem to be a downstream proxy of their regulation. e Kaplan-Meier plots demonstrate that on-treatment, but not pre-treatment, levels of AAGAB were significantly associated with the outcome in both cohorts. p values are log-rank test

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