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Table 1 Variables included in ML for comparison with BCRAT and BOADICEA

From: Machine learning techniques for personalized breast cancer risk prediction: comparison with the BCRAT and BOADICEA models

Variables listComparison between ML and BCRATComparison between ML and BOADICEA
Age at menarche 
Age at first live birth 
Number of biopsies 
Atypical hyperplasia 
Number of first-degree relatives with breast cancer 
Breast cancer 
Family pedigree (beyond second-degree contained affected and unaffected members from both maternal and paternal side) including: 
 Age (or age at death) 
 Deceased status 
 Ashkenazi Jewish 
 Ovary cancer age onset 
 Prostate cancer age onset (male member only) 
 Pancreatic cancer 
 Pancreas cancer age onset 
 Breast cancer age onset 
 Contralateral breast cancer age onset 
 Estrogen receptor 
 Progesterone receptor 
 BRCA mutation