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Fig. 3

From: Gene expression signature of atypical breast hyperplasia and regulation by SFRP1

Fig. 3

Hierarchical clustering of differentially expressed genes. Genes that were differentially expressed at p < 0.005 were selected and clustered using AGNES. Two main clusters were defined that were enriched for either histologically normal benign tissue (HNB class) or histologically AH (AH class). This gene set did not separate the ductal and lobular subtypes of AH. Two AH samples had expression patterns similar to the histologically normal tissues. Samples JJ13 and JJ15 were diagnosed as FEA and LCIS, respectively. Both clustered adjacent to the histologically normal tissue from the same patient (JJ14 and JJ16, respectively) suggesting that these are true benign tissues. In contrast, DJJ030 is histologically normal tissue, but clusters adjacent to the LCIS tissue (DJJ029) from patient #15 suggesting that the tissue harbors genetic alterations driving the gene expression but has not yet acquired the histological architecture of AH. The data values are expressed as log base 2 ratios of HNB/AH with red indicating increased expression compared to the overall mean levels across tissues and blue decreased levels

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