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Fig. 1

From: Gene expression signature of atypical breast hyperplasia and regulation by SFRP1

Fig. 1

Differential expression of CDH1 in AH and LN. a Examples of H&E stained sections of ductal and lobular lesions that were microdissected and used for transcriptional profiling: (i) atypical ductal hyperplasia, (ii) flat epithelial atypia, and (iii) lobular carcinoma in situ. The magnification for the main images are × 100 and × 600 for the insert. b Expression of CDH1 is shown for atypical hyperplasias that were diagnosed as ductal, lobular, or contained components of both. The lobular atypical hyperplasias had overall lower levels of CDH1 expression compared to the ductal atypical hyperplasias

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