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Fig. 4

From: The p52 isoform of SHC1 is a key driver of breast cancer initiation

Fig. 4

Increased tumor latency and decreased multiplicity in DMBA-induced p52SHC knockout rats. a Tumor latency was compared between WT (black, n = 14), p66SHC-KO (red, n = 13), and p52SHC-KO (blue, n = 12) DMBA-induced rats over 15 weeks. *P < 0.015. b The average multiplicity of tumors at 15 weeks for each genotype. Error bars represent standard error of means. *P < 0.004. c Total tumor burden, the sum total of mammary tumors per rat, isolated for each animal. The line indicates average tumor mass for each genotype. *P < 0.02

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