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Fig. 3

From: The p52 isoform of SHC1 is a key driver of breast cancer initiation

Fig. 3

Knockout of p52SHC by CRISPR/Cas-9. a Diagrammatic representation of protein domains and ATG initiation codons of SHC isoforms that arise from the two SHC1 transcripts. To knock out the p52SHC isoform, the initiation of the codon for p52SHC was targeted using the CRISPR/Cas-9 gene editing in the salt-sensitive (SS) rat. One founder generated a 6-base pair deletion (red) in which the p52SHC ATG was deleted. b PCR genotyping results of WT, p52SHC-KO, and heterozygous (Het) animals. The upper gel shows PCR reaction for WT allele and the lower gel shows PCR reaction for the mutant allele. c Western blot from spleen tissue showing expression of SHC isoforms (red) and β-actin (green) as a loading control in WT, heterozygous (Het), and p52SHC-KO knockout (KO) rats. d Carmine alum stain of the normal adult mammary epithelium of wild-type, p52SHC-KO, and p66SHC-KO rats. Magnification × 4

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