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Fig. 2

From: Nintedanib plus letrozole in early breast cancer: a phase 0/I pharmacodynamic, pharmacokinetic, and safety clinical trial of combined FGFR1 and aromatase inhibition

Fig. 2

Pharmacodynamic parameters. a Change of FGF23 plasma concentration from baseline to day + 15 in level 2 patients. Horizontal error bars: standard error. The average concentration (columns) shifted from 24.9 pg/mL (baseline) to 38.7 pg/mL (d + 15). Each dot represents the value of a single patient. *P < 0.05 (Wilcoxon). b Dot plot showing the relationship between BIBF1120-BS AUC and FGF23 on day 15 at the individual patient level. c Change of 17-B-estradiol levels from baseline to day + 15, the first day of the last cycle, and at the EOT visit. Each gray dot represents one patient with 17-B-estradiol levels below the LLD. Red dots represent the individual 17-B-estradiol levels of those patients that showed a concentration above the LLD. Regarding the patients below the LLD, although the exact levels might be lower, all of them are plotted at the level of Y = 5 pg/mL which was our LLD

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