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Fig. 2

From: Identification of three subtypes of triple-negative breast cancer with potential therapeutic implications

Fig. 2

Molecular annotation of TNBC by means of continuous score GES in function of clusters. a Internal cohort. b External cohort. Differences in GES scores according to clusters (ANOVA results) are represented as a radar plot, where each of the 47 radii represents a GES. Black circles represent significantly different levels of expression from low (smallest circle) to high (largest circle). Expression level of each cluster is represented on the corresponding circle as a blue (C1, C’1), red (C2, C’2), or green (C3, C’3) dot. Dots located on same circles correspond to clusters with not significantly different expressions. Dots located on different circles correspond to clusters with significantly different expressions. Dots located in between black circles correspond to a cluster with expression level not significantly different from clusters whose dots are located on both near circles. This figure is an illustration of Additional files 10 and 21 statistical analyses

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