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Table 1 List of primary antibodies used, including application, dilution, and source

From: Absence of integrin α3β1 promotes the progression of HER2-driven breast cancer in vivo

Antigen Name Type Application Dilution Source
β-catenin 610154 Mouse mAb IF 1:100 BD Bioscience
Actin MAB1501R Mouse mAb WB 1:1000 Chemicon
Akt 9272 Rabbit mAb WB 1:1000 Cell Signaling
Caspase3 (cleaved Asp 175) 9661 L Rabbit pAb IHC 1:500 Cell Signaling
CD31 ab28364 Rabbit pAb IHC 1:500 Abcam
Collagen I A67P Rabbit pAb IF 1:40 Chemicon
E-cadherin 610182 Mouse mAb IF 1:100 BD Bioscience
GAPDH CB1001 Mouse mAb WB 1:1000 Calbiochem
HER2 2165S Rabbit mAb WB FACS 1:1000
Cell signaling
Itga2 10G11 Mouse mAb FACS 1:100 [24]
Itga3 J143 Mouse mAb FACS
Functional assay
10 μg ml−1
Itga3   Rabbit pAb WB 1:2000 Homemade
Itga3 A3-X8 Mouse mAb Functional assay 10 μg ml−1 Kind gift of C. Stipp [26]
Itga6 GoH3 Rat mAb FACS 1:200 [27]
Itgb4 346-11A Rat mAb IF 1:100 BD Bioscience
Keratin 5 PRB-160P Rabbit mAb IF 1:100 Covance
Keratin 18 RGE53 Mouse mAb IF 1:2 Progen
Ki67 PSX1028 Rabbit pAb IHC 1:750 Monosan
Laminin-332 R14 Rabbit pAb IF 1:400 Kind gift of M. Aumailey
NEU sc-284 Rabbit pAb IHC 1:800 Santa Cruz
pAkt (Ser473) 4060 Rabbit mAb IHC 1:10000 Cell Signaling
pAkt (Ser473) 9271 Rabbit mAb WB 1:500 Cell Signaling
p4E-BP1 (Thr37/47) 2855 Rabbit mAb IHC 1:1600 Cell Signaling
pErk1/2(Thr202/Tyr204) 4370 Rabbit mAb IHC 1:400 Cell Signaling
Plet1 33A10 Rat mAb IF 1:100 [28]
Tubulin B-5-1-2 Mouse mAb WB 1:5000 Sigma
Vinculin VIIF9 Mouse mAb IF 1:5 Kind gift of M. Glukhova