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Table 2 Interferon-stimulated genes implicated in IBC and their specific functions

From: Deciphering the role of interferon alpha signaling and microenvironment crosstalk in inflammatory breast cancer

Function Function in IBC ISG Reference
DNA damage resistance Inferred STAT1, IFI27, MX1/2, PLSCR1, OAS1/2/3, IRF9, IFITM1 [14, 38]
Migration/invasion Confirmed IFITM1, STAT2 [14]
Positive feedback Inferred IRF3, IRF7, IRF9 [22]
Negative regulation Inferred SOCS1, USP18 [17, 22
  1. A selected list of ISGs stimulated by IFNα is listed with corresponding function derived from the literature. The confirmation of the function of ISGs in IBC is outlined. All ISGs have confirmed expression in IBC in our unpublished data