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Fig. 6

From: BRCA1 mutations attenuate super-enhancer function and chromatin looping in haploinsufficient human breast epithelial cells

Fig. 6

Impaired enhancer-promoter looping in BRCA1185delAG/+ MCF10A clones. a Schematic organization of SOD2 super-enhancer region. SOD2 TSS, WTAP TSS, and the enhancer regions to be investigated are marked. b 3C products of either WT MCF10A clones or BRCA1185delAG/+ MCF10A clones were analyzed by conventional PCR using primers detecting looping events between enhancer and TSSs. PCR products were run on a polyacrylamide gel and stained by ethidium bromide. 3C products were analyzed using GAPDH primers as the control. c Quantification of 3C-PCR products of b. *P < 0.05 by two-tailed t test. Error bars represent s.e.m

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