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Fig. 4

From: Separation of breast cancer and organ microenvironment transcriptomes in metastases

Fig. 4

Validation of human and mouse-specific transcripts with immunofluorescence microscopy and immunohistochemistry. a Box and whisker plots showing human vimentin RNA expression levels in TNBC mammary tumors. b Immunofluorescence microscopy for pan-cytokeratin (green), vimentin (red), and DAPI (blue) in TNBC mammary tumors. c The mouse RNA-seq dataset was queried for genes that were differentially expressed in normal mouse liver as compared to mouse livers colonized by metastatic cells. Immunohistochemistry of liver metastases to validate the increased RNA expression observed in liver metastases. Asterisk denotes the location of cancer cells; arrows denote S100a9 cells in the peri-tumor area surrounding the cancer cells

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