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Table 2 Air toxic exposure distributions (μg/m3) (Breast Cancer Surveillance Consortium, 2011)

From: Airborne metals and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in relation to mammographic breast density

Air toxic Minimum 25th percentile 50th percentile 75th percentile Maximum
Arsenic 3.58E−06 3.08E−05 6.34E−05 1.20E−04 1.53E−03
Cadmium 5.16E−07 1.35E−05 3.02E−05 5.70E−05 2.43E−03
Chromium 6.32E−07 2.07E−05 6.60E−05 1.33E−04 3.49E−03
Cobalt 4.10E−05 4.30E−05 4.85E−05 5.59E−05 1.34E−03
Lead 2.49E−05 3.47E−04 6.42E−04 1.29E−03 4.02E−02
Manganese 1.91E−05 3.32E−04 5.56E−04 1.10E−03 6.17E−02
Mercury 1.03E−04 1.29E−03 1.49E−03 1.89E−03 1.58E−02
Nickel 9.60E−06 2.57E−04 5.27E−04 8.73E−04 3.71E−02
Selenium 2.00E−04 2.15E−04 2.87E−04 4.46E−04 3.74E−03
PAHs 1.53E−04 1.69E−03 3.15E−03 7.23E−03 6.66E−02