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Fig. 4

From: Infiltrating stromal immune cells in inflammatory breast cancer are associated with an improved outcome and increased PD-L1 expression

Fig. 4

a Overview of all clinicopathological values with their χ2 value in the table. Compared using the log-rank test, with associated significance levels. b–d Kaplan-Meier curves of significant prognostic variables for OS. b Hormone receptor status, 5-year OS 51.6% (HR+) vs. 39.6% (HR−), P = 0.05. c Clinical nodal status, 5-year OS 62.3% (N1) vs. 41.8% (N2) vs. 29.7% (N3), P = 0.003. d sTIL score, 5-year OS 55.4% (> 10%) vs. 28.7% (< 10%), P = 0.05

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