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Fig. 5

From: Correction to: ECM1 regulates cell proliferation and trastuzumab resistance through activation of EGF-signaling

Fig. 5

ECM1 stabilizes EGFR and HER3 proteins through galectin-3/MUC1. a Lysates from each cell line were analyzed by Western blotting. b At 24 h after seeding, BT-474 TR cells were transfected with each siRNA, incubated further for 48 h, and analyzed on Western blots. c At 24 h after seeding, cells were treated with rhECM1 (200 ng/mL) and incubated further for 48 h. Cell lysates were then incubated with MUC1, EGFR and HER3 antibodies overnight. Immunoprecipitates were analyzed on Western blots. d Total cell lysates were incubated with MUC1, EGFR and HER3 antibodies overnight, and immunoprecipitates were then analyzed on Western blots

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