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Fig. 4

From: Context-dependent roles of MDMX (MDM4) and MDM2 in breast cancer proliferation and circulating tumor cells

Fig. 4

MDMX knockdown in primary tumors blocks the transcription of CXCR4 and PTGS2. The 231.mir30.vector-, 231.shmdm2-, and 231.shmdmx-derived primary tumors were lysed and used for total RNA extraction and complementary DNA synthesis. a Microarray analysis revealed selected tumor metastasis-related genes that were either up- or downregulated in 231.shmdm2 and 231.shmdmx compared with 231.mir30 vector. Fold changes were gated either > 2 or < 0.5. Two tumor samples per group were used for the analysis. b From the respective cells derived from all the primary tumors, the total CXCR4 and PTGS2 levels were determined by real-time qRT-PCR, and these were compared with those of the parental cells grown in culture. The bars represent mean values, and error bars represent SD. The p values were obtained by two-tailed unpaired t test

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