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Table 4 Number of screen-detected cases, expected number of detected non-progressive breast cancers, and the frequency of overdiagnosis (percentage) by round of screening

From: Overdiagnosis in the population-based organized breast cancer screening program estimated by a non-homogeneous multi-state model: a cohort study using individual data with long-term follow-up

Screening round Number of screen-detected cases Expected number of detected NPBCs Overdiagnosis (95% CI)
Prevalent 1799 15.57 0.87% (0.20%, 4.31%)
Subsequent 6506 20.33 0.31% (0.07%, 1.59%)
Overall 8305 35.90 0.43% (0.10%, 2.18%)
  1. Abbreviations: CI confidence interval, NPBC non-progressive breast cancer