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Fig. 4

From: HER4 expression in estrogen receptor-positive breast cancer is associated with decreased sensitivity to tamoxifen treatment and reduced overall survival of postmenopausal women

Fig. 4

HER4 siRNA knockdown enhances the tamoxifen (TAM)-induced G0/G1 fraction. a The expression of the estrogen receptor (ER) in ZR-75-1 wild-type cells is exemplarily shown by Western blot. St. represents the protein standard and – and + refer to the samples without and with anti-HER4 siRNA treatment, respectively. The molecular weight of the ER is about 66 kDa. The ER expression was not affected by an anti-HER4 siRNA treatment. b Percentage of G0/G1 phase (quiescent) cells in wild-type (WT), non-targeting siRNA control, and HER4 knockdown ZR-75-1 BC cells with or without TAM treatment is shown (n = 3; mean ± SD). P values are calculated using two-way ANOVA and Sidak’s multiple comparisons test (***p < 0.001; ****p < 0.0001). c Example density plots from flow cytometric analyses (BrdU/Hoechst quenching assay) are displayed. The size of the G0/G1 fraction of the first cell cycle is indicated, respectively

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