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Table 1 The influence of statin therapy on cancer incidence, recurrence, and mortality

From: Statin drugs to reduce breast cancer recurrence and mortality

Cancer type The effect of statin therapy on cancer
Incidence Recurrence Mortality
Breast ↔ (Hydrophilic statins)
↓ (All or lipophilic statins)
↔ (Hydrophilic statins)
↓ (All or lipophilic statins)
Prostate ↔ (Radical prostatectomy)
↓ (Radiotherapy)
↓ (All, lipophilic, or hydrophilic statins)
Lung ↔ (Pravastatin)
↓ (All statins)
↔ (Pravastatin)
↓ (All statins)
Colorectal ↓ (All statins) ↓ (All statins)
Primary liver ↓ (All Statins) ↓ (All statins or pravastatin) ↓ (All statins or pravastatin)
  1. The influence of statins on cancer incidence, recurrence, and mortality for breast, prostate, lung, colorectal, and primary liver cancer. ↔ = no effect, ↓ = reduction. All statins, hydrophilic statins, and lipophilic statins refer to studies that were conducted examining patients taking any statin, any hydrophilic statin, or any lipophilic statin, respectively