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Fig. 3

From: Integrin-Rac signalling for mammary epithelial stem cell self-renewal

Fig. 3

β1-integrin and Rac1 are involved with Wnt and Notch signalling. a Expression levels of Slug, MEF2, p63 and Twist messenger RNA in control and β1-integrin knockout cells (n = 3). Error bars = SEM (statistical significance determined by one-way analysis of variance). b Expression of luminal progenitor transcription factor RNAs, SOX9, Elf5 and SOX10 in control and β1-integrin-knockout cells. c β1-integrin regulates the expression of Wnt target genes, Axin2 and Lef1. d Rac1 regulates the expression of Wnt target genes, Axin2 and Lef1. e Active Rac1 rescues downregulated Axin 2 levels in sh-β1-integrin cells. f Active Rac1 rescues downregulated Lef1 levels in sh-β1-integrin cells. g Role of β1-integrin in Notch signalling in mammary epithelial cells (MECs). RNA in primary MECs was analysed for the expression of Notch target genes, Hes1, Hes5, Hey1 and Hey2, in β1-integrin-knockout cells compared with controls (β1-integrinfx/fx-4-OHT). h Notch target gene expression in Rac1fxfx cells with or without 4-OHT. * = p < 0.05, ** = p < 0.01

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