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Table 2 Risk of breast cancer compared with population level risk

From: Breast fibroadenomas are not associated with increased breast cancer risk in an African American contemporary cohort of women with benign breast disease

  Standardized incidence ratioa 95% confidence interval
Population rate Ref  
Entire BBD cohort (N = 221 cancers) 1.19 1.05–1.36
Biopsy without fibroadenoma (N = 145 cancers) 1.40 1.19–1.65
Fibroadenoma (N = 76 cancers) 0.93 0.75–1.17
  1. aStandardized incidence ratio compares the observed number of breast cancers that developed in the study to the number expected on the basis of the Detroit surveillance, epidemiology, and end results data for African American women of a similar age and calendar period