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Fig. 5

From: Pyruvate carboxylase supports the pulmonary tropism of metastatic breast cancer

Fig. 5

PC expression is required for pulmonary outgrowth of D2.A1 cells. a Immunoblot analysis for PC in D2.A1 cells expressing control (scram) or PC-targeted (shPC25) shRNAs. Analysis of β-tubulin (β-tub) served as a loading control. b D2.A1 cells (5.0 × 105/mouse) were injected into the lateral tail vein of female Balb/c mice. Pulmonary tumor cell delivery (Day 0) and pulmonary tumor growth (Day 33) were visualized by bioluminescent imaging. c Bioluminescent intensity (Radiance) values were normalized to the injected values for each group and used to quantify pulmonary tumor seeding and outgrowth at the indicated time points. Growth curves were analyzed two-way ANOVA differences resulting in the indicated P value (n = 4 mice per group). d The number of pulmonary tumor nodules per lobe resulting in mice injected with control (scram) and PC-depleted (shPC25) D2.A1 cells. Data are the mean ± SE of four mice per group resulting in the indicated P values. e Necropsy pictures showing representative lungs of mice 35 days after tail vein injections of control (scram) and PC depleted (shPC25) D2.A1 cells. PC pyruvate carboxylase

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