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Fig. 4

From: Pyruvate carboxylase supports the pulmonary tropism of metastatic breast cancer

Fig. 4

PC is required for 4 T1 metastasis but not primary tumor growth. a Immunoblot analysis for PC in 4 T1 cells expressing control (scram) or PC-targeted (shPC25 and shPC28) shRNAs. Analysis of β-tubulin (β-tub) served as a loading control. b 4 T1 cells (2.5 × 104/mouse) were engrafted onto the mammary fat pad via an intraductal inoculation and primary tumor growth was measured by digital caliper measurements at the indicated time points. Any differences between groups were found to be not significant (NS). c Necropsy pictures showing lungs of mice bearing the indicated 4 T1 primary tumors. d The numbers of metastatic pulmonary nodules resulting in mice bearing control (scram) and PC-depleted (shPC25 and shPC28) 4 T1 primary tumors. Data are the mean ± SE of five mice per group resulting in the indicated P values. e Bioluminescent intensity (Radiance) measurements of thoracic metastases of control (scram) or PC-depleted (shPC25 and shPC28) 4 T1 tumor-bearing mice. Data are the mean radiance measurements ±SE of five mice per group resulting the in the indicated P values

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