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Fig. 1

From: Pyruvate carboxylase supports the pulmonary tropism of metastatic breast cancer

Fig. 1

PC expression is increased in more aggressive breast cancers. a Patients with lymph node-positive breast cancer from the MTCI dataset were split into two groups split based on mean expression of PC and the resultant differences in patient survival are shown. b Patients within the METABRIC dataset were separated into two groups based on increased genomic copy numbers of PC. Differences in patient survival are shown. c Expression levels of PC are plotted across the different breast cancer subtypes within the METABRIC dataset. Subtypes were defined by the PAM50 expression analysis. Differences in PC expression levels were analyzed by a Kruskal-Wallis test resulting in the indicated P values. d PC expression levels within the METABRIC data set are plotted based on tumor stage. Significant outliers in the stage 1 group as determined by a ROUT analysis are shown in blue. e The stage 1 patients shown in panel d were separated based on PC outlier status and differences in overall survival are shown. Data in panels a, b and e were analyzed by a log-rank test resulting in the indicated P values. f IHC analyses for PC expression within normal mammary tissue, lobular breast carcinoma, and ductal breast carcinoma. Data in panel F are representative of three normal samples and ten primary breast tumors

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