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Fig. 5

From: Intra-operative spectroscopic assessment of surgical margins during breast conserving surgery

Fig. 5

Validation of multi-modal spectral histopathology (MSH) on independent mastectomy breast samples. a Receiver-operator curve (ROC) for independent test samples at varying tumor score thresholds. Results corresponding to the thresholds determined based on training set data are marked with circles. (b-e) Examples of tumor tissue detected by MSH and confirmed by histopathology. DCIS, ductal carcinoma in situ; DC-NST, ductal carcinoma of no special type; IC, invasive carcinoma. f-i Examples of tissue identified as clear by both MSH and histopathology. S, stroma; P, parenchyma; HP, hyperplasia; FA, fibroadenoma. j Example of false positive where MSH marked segments as moderate risk although histopathological assessment identified fibroadenoma

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