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Fig. 3

From: Functional genomics identifies specific vulnerabilities in PTEN-deficient breast cancer

Fig. 3

Identification of broad-spectrum phosphatase and tensin homolog-synthetic sick/lethal (PTEN-SSL) genes. a The p values from the one-sided Wilcoxon rank-sum test for the hypothesis that PTEN- cell lines are more sensitive (lower ATARiS scores) to knockdown of each gene compared to PTEN+ cell lines. Each bar represents one of 727 genes in the secondary screen with computed ATARiS gene solutions. Possible broad-spectrum PTEN-SSL genes were selected using p < 0.05 (not corrected for multiple testing) and are shown as red bars. b Heat map visualization of the sensitivity (ATARiS scores) of individual cell lines in response to on-target mRNA knockdown of 24 possible broad-spectrum PTEN-SSL genes selected in the secondary screen (red region in a)

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