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Fig. 2

From: Establishing and characterizing patient-derived xenografts using pre-chemotherapy percutaneous biopsy and post-chemotherapy surgical samples from a prospective neoadjuvant breast cancer study

Fig. 2

Changes in pathological subtypes within lineages for PDX models generated from both baseline percutaneous biopsy samples and surgical samples post-chemotherapy. The diagrams show the transplant history and pathological subtype of each xenograft line. Squares indicate the patient tumor and line segments represent different xenograft transplants. Colors represent the pathological subtypes determined by immunohistochemical staining of biomarkers (pink: triple negative; dark green: ER-/HER2+; yellow green: ER+/HER2+; purple: luminal B). The tumor origin is indicated (PTB percutaneous biopsy, Sur surgical samples after chemotherapy). Up to three passages for an individual PDX are shown. ER estrogen receptor, HER2 human epidermal growth factor receptor 2

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