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Fig. 3

From: Nanopore sequencing of full-length BRCA1 mRNA transcripts reveals co-occurrence of known exon skipping events

Fig. 3

RT-PCR and Sanger sequencing confirmation of isoform ∆10-17. a RT-PCR analysis of mRNA isolated from a cycloheximide-treated LCL. To obtain a single isoform amplicon with sufficient DNA for sequence analysis, band extraction (shown by blue arrowheads) and re-amplification were carried out twice. The final 408-bp product was analysed by Sanger sequencing. Reference markers labelled for size in base pairs. b Sanger sequence trace of the exon 9–18 novel splice junction from the PCR product indicated in (a). Location of BRCA1_9-18 junction specific PCR primer (BRCA1_9-18FJunc) indicated in green

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