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Fig. 1

From: SPEN, a new player in primary cilia formation and cell migration in breast cancer

Fig. 1

SPEN is coexpressed with genes involved in ciliary biology. a Immunoprecipitated (IP) SPEN protein levels in T47D-CTL and T47D-Spen clones. Immunoprecipitation with nonspecific rabbit IgG was done as a negative control. b Top ten GO terms from the analysis performed with the list of genes associated with SPEN reexpression in T47D-SPEN cells in three different conditions, classified from the least to the most significant. c Top significantly enriched functions from the Ingenuity Pathway Analysis of the list of genes coexpressed with SPEN. d Venn diagram showing the intersection between the list of genes coexpressed with SPEN in T47D clones and a curated list of genes involved in ciliary biology. e Representative images of primary cilia in T47D-SPEN and MCF10A cells (positive control). Primary cilia were identified by coimmunofluorescence for acetylated α-tubulin (red) and γ-tubulin (green), markers of the ciliary axoneme and centrosome, respectively (scale bar = 5 μm). The microarray data for this study can be found on ArrayExpress under the accession number [E-MTAB-4974]. DAPI 4′,6-Diaminodino-2-phenylindole, GO Gene Ontology, IgG Immunoglobulin G, SPEN Split ends

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