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Fig. 5

From: Calmodulin-like protein 3 is an estrogen receptor alpha coregulator for gene expression and drug response in a SNP, estrogen, and SERM-dependent fashion

Fig. 5

Cytotoxicity assays for drug treatments performed with CRISPR-ZR75-1 cells (WT) and ZR75-1 cells (variant). a Relative survival of CRISPR-ZR75-1 and ZR75-1 cells determined by MTS after treatment with 4-OH-TAM, raloxifene, olaparib or cisplatin for 3 days. b In the presence of 0.01 nM E2, cells were treated with 4-OH-TAM (1 μM) or raloxifene (3.16 μM) together with various concentrations of olaparib. Each data point of the variant cells was normalized as a percentage of their respective data point of the WT cells. Area under the curve was measured and comparisons were performed by unpaired t test. p values are indicated. 4-OH-TAM 4-hydroxytamoxifene, E2 estradiol, Ral raloxifene

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