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Fig. 4 | Breast Cancer Research

Fig. 4

From: Calmodulin-like protein 3 is an estrogen receptor alpha coregulator for gene expression and drug response in a SNP, estrogen, and SERM-dependent fashion

Fig. 4

Colony formation in breast cancer cells with drug treatments after knocking down ZNF423 or CALML3. a Representative clones for breast cancer cells treated with drugs for 2–4 weeks. b Clone number counted in each well, shown as three independent experiments represented by mean ± SEM. Comparisons with the control for each treatment were performed by two-tailed Student’s t test. *p < 0.05, **p < 0.01. DMSO dimethylsulfoxide, 4-OH-TAM 4-hydroxytamoxifene, Ral raloxifene, Ola olaparib, CisPt cisplatin

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