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Fig. 8

From: Epithelial requirement for in vitro proliferation and xenograft growth and metastasis of MDA-MB-468 human breast cancer cells: oncogenic rather than tumor-suppressive role of E-cadherin

Fig. 8

Quantitative polymerase chain reaction gene expression analyses of 468-shCDH cell xenografts (in vivo) versus plated in 2D culture (in vitro). Results shown are average expression of RNA extracted from three tumors or from three biological replicates of cells plated in 2D. Error bars represent SE. Significance was set at p < 0.05 and is indicated by asterisk and determined by Student’s paired t test (compared with 468-shSCR control). ΔCT Cycle threshold change, SCR Scrambled, WT Wild type, ESR1 Estrogen receptor alpha, INHBA Inhibin, beta A, SNAI1 Snail family transcriptional repressor 1

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