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Table 3 Triglyceride identification increased in normal breast tissue (850–1000 m/z)

From: Rapid evaporative ionisation mass spectrometry of electrosurgical vapours for the identification of breast pathology: towards an intelligent knife for breast cancer surgery

m/z Lipid identification Ion
865.70 TG (50:2) [M + Cl]-
891.72 TG (52:3) [M + Cl]-
893.73 TG (52:2) [M + Cl]-
917.73 TG (54:4) [M + Cl]-
919.75 TG (54:3) [M + Cl]-
921.76 TG (54:2) [M + Cl]-
  1. Possible triglyceride species identified in the mass spectrometry spectra of m/z values that are significantly lower in tumour tissue. Triglycerides are denoted as TG (C:N) where C corresponds to the sum of the carbon atoms in the three fatty acid chains and N corresponds to the sum of the double bonds in the fatty acid chains