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Fig. 4

From: Circulating cell-free DNA-based epigenetic assay can detect early breast cancer

Fig. 4

Droplet digital methylation-specific PCR (ddMSP) data and receiver operating characteristic (ROC) curves of the best support vector machine (SVM) model to distinguish patients with breast cancer (BC) from healthy volunteers (HV). a ddMSP data (heat map format). Cases are sorted by stage as the ribbons (left) indicate. In the left heat map, the color of each square represents the log10 concentration of the selected variables in the best SVM model. In the right heat map, the color of each square represents the detection index. Positive (cancer) and negative (non-cancer) calls from the detection index are shown in the right side of the detection index in pink and light blue, respectively. b In the ROC curve analysis, cases with a detection index of more than −0.07923 were defined as positive for BC. Red and blue lines indicate the ROC curve of the training and validation sets, respectively. MBC metastatic breast cancer

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