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Fig. 1

From: Circulating cell-free DNA-based epigenetic assay can detect early breast cancer

Fig. 1

Methylation array data in a scatter plot format. Colored dots represent 140 candidate loci selected according to methylation array analysis. a Distribution of the mean β-values of the non-breast cancer (BC) samples (meanNC) and of the BC samples (meanBC) in the whole of the array probes (n = 482,421). All selected candidate markers had <0.05 of meanNC. b Distribution of mean β-values of luminal BC (meanLum) and of triple-negative BC (meanTN) in array probes with meanNC <0.05 (n = 121,079). Red dots common BC markers selected by condition (a). Magenta dots common BC markers selected by condition (b). Green dots luminal-dominant markers. Blue dots TN-dominant markers

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