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Table 2 Comparisons of added prognostic information

From: An immune stratification reveals a subset of PD-1/LAG-3 double-positive triple-negative breast cancers

  Relapse-free survival Overall survival
Variable ΔLRχ2 P value ΔLRχ2 P value
CP + TIL score vs CP 31.35 <1.00E-04 28.23 <1.00E-04
CP + LPBC vs CP 5.20 2.26E-02 4.97 2.58E-02
CP + TIL score + CD8 vs CP + TIL score 0.43 5.12E-01 0.50 4.79E-01
CP + TIL score + FOXP3 vs CP + TIL score 1.02 3.12E-01 0.99 3.20E-01
CP + TIL score + CD8 + FOXP3 vs CP + TIL score 1.82 4.02E-01 1.70 4.27E-01
  1. Significant P values are given in italics. CP clinicopathological variables (age, histologic grade, nodal status, tumor size, and tumor stage), LPBC lymphocyte-predominant breast cancer, LR likelihood ratio, TILs tumor-infiltrating lymphocytes, FOXP3 forkhead box protein 3