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Table 1 Image texture features that are currently defined for all study participants

From: Mammographic texture and risk of breast cancer by tumor type and estrogen receptor status

Analysis groups Texture features Texture feature name References
Gray-level histogram Standard deviation STD [7, 22, 2426]
Skewness Skewness
Kurtosis Kurtosis
Balance Balance
Gray-level co-occurrence matrix (GLCM) GLCM Energy Energy [24, 25, 27, 29]
GLCM Entropy Entropy
GLCM Dissimilarity Dissimilarity
GLCM Contrast Contrast
GLCM Homogeneity Homogeneity
GLCM Correlation Correlation
GLCM Variance GLCM Variance
Neighborhood gray-tone difference matrix (NGTDM) NGTDM Coarseness NGTDM Coarseness [24, 28, 29]
NGTDM Contrast NGTDM Contrast
NGTDM Complexity Complexity
NGTDM Strength Strength
NGTDM Busyness Busyness
Edge frequency analysis Mean gradient Mean_Gradient [29]
Fourier transform (FT) analysis, power spectrum RMS (root mean square) FT_RMS [29]
FMP (first moment of power spectrum) FT_FMP
SMP (second moment of power spectrum) FT_SMP
FD (fractal dimension) from power spectrum exponent FT_FD
Fractal analysis Intercept of the plot of the standard deviation of the high frequency image as a function of the size the kernel CD_Yint [2931]
Continuous dimension (CD), slope and intercept CD_Slope
FD of the standard deviation FD_Sigma
FD of image using thresholds from 5%-85% FD_TH_5: FD_TH_85
FD of the surface of the breast considering the gray value representing the height FD_CALDWELL
FD, Minkowski method FD_Minkowski