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Table 2 TaqMan primers for microarray confirmation

From: Evidence of two distinct functionally specialized fibroblast lineages in breast stroma

Gene symbol Assay ID Gene symbol Assay ID
ENG (CD105) Hs00923996_m1 SCUBE3 Hs00738371_m1
HGF Hs00300159_m1 FNDC1 Hs00287359_m1
CFB Hs00156060_m1 DPT Hs00355056_m1
C3 Hs00163811_m1 GDF6 Hs01377663_m1
IL33 Hs00369211_m1 ACVRL1 Hs00953798_m1
COL4A1 Hs00266237_m1 ACVR2A Hs00155658_m1
TNC Hs01115665_m1 ACTA2 Hs00426835_g1
COL15A1 s00266332_m1 LAMA2 Hs01124081_m1
CNN1 Hs00154543_m1 TSPAN2 Hs00194836_m1
GPRC5B Hs00212116_m1 HPRT1 Hs99999909_m1
IL1RL1 Hs00249384_m1 GAPDH Hs02758991_g1
DCN Hs00370384_m1 PGK1 Hs00943178_g1
COL11A1 Hs01097664_m1 TFRC Hs00951083_m1