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Fig. 2

From: Proteomic analysis of breast tumors confirms the mRNA intrinsic molecular subtypes using different classifiers: a large-scale analysis of fresh frozen tissue samples

Fig. 2

a Unsupervised hierarchal clustering of all samples analyzed on 2D-DIGE (fig 2a). Samples previously analyzed at gene expression level are colored according to the Sørlie gene expression classification: luminal A (dark blue), luminal B (light blue), ERBB2 (purple), basal-like (red) and normal-like (green). Samples with unknown gene expression are colored gray. Clinical parameters are indicated under the cluster where a black bar indicates presence of the variable. b Distribution of BRCA1-mutated tumors in the basal-like cluster compared to the non-basal like cluster Fishers exact test p value = 2*10-7

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