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Fig. 2

From: Cholesterol biosynthesis pathway as a novel mechanism of resistance to estrogen deprivation in estrogen receptor-positive breast cancer

Fig. 2

25-HC and 27-HC increase ER transactivation in LTED cell lines retaining ER. Cell lines were transfected with an ERE-luciferase (EREII-tk-luc) reporter gene and treated with E2, 25-HC and 27-HC alone or in combination with the selective E downregulator fulvestrant (ICI 182780 (ICI)). a wt-MCF7 and MCF7 LTED. b wt-HCC1428 and HCC1428 LTED. c ZR75.1 LTED. Data are representative of three replicates for each treatment. Bars: ± SEM. DCC Dextran-coated charcoal, ERE estrogen response elements, HC hydroxycholesterol, LTED, long-term estrogen deprivation, wt wild type

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