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Fig. 2

From: Background parenchymal uptake on molecular breast imaging as a breast cancer risk factor: a case-control study

Fig. 2

Example of incident breast cancer case. Right and left mediolateral oblique views are shown. In this 41-year-old premenopausal woman, screening full-field digital mammography (a) was negative with Breast Imaging-Reporting and Data System density category of extremely dense. Supplemental screening molecular breast imaging (MBI) (b) performed at the time of the screening mammogram showed marked background parenchymal uptake. The next 2 years of screening mammography were negative. At 2.6 years after the initial MBI, the patient presented for diagnostic workup of nipple retraction. (c) MBI performed at the time showed a lesion in the left breast (arrow) that was diagnosed as a 9-mm, grade I invasive ductal carcinoma

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