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Table 6 Cases with inconclusive pre-operative pathological diagnoses (n = 22), and discordant pre-and post-operative pathological diagnoses (n = 3). Among these cases, the five-gene assay was 80 % (20/25) accurate in predicting the final post-operative outcome

From: A five-gene reverse transcription-PCR assay for pre-operative classification of breast fibroepithelial lesions

Sample ID Pathological reports Outcome from five-gene assay
Pre-operative Post-operative
CB22 FA Benign PT FAa
CB36 FA Benign PT PT
CB111 FA Benign PT PT
CB21 FEL Benign PT PT
CB31 FEL Benign PT PT
CB40 FEL Benign PT PT
CB43 FEL Benign PT PT
CB57 FEL Benign PT PT
CB59 FEL Benign PT PT
CB96 FEL Benign PT PT
CB99 FEL Benign PT PT
CB107 FEL Benign PT PT
CB114 FEL Benign PT PT
CB20 FEL Borderline PT PT
CB42 FEL Borderline PT PT
CB55 FEL Borderline PT PT
CB73 FEL Borderline PT PT
CB78 FEL Borderline PT PT
CB101 FEL Borderline PT PT
CB115 FEL Borderline PT PT
CB122 FEL Borderline PT PT
CB28 FEL Benign PT FAa
CB68 FEL Benign PT FAa
CB120 FEL Borderline PT FAa
  1. FA fibroadenoma, PT phyllodes tumor, FEL fibroepithelial lesion without definitive assignment into fibroadenoma or phyllodes tumor
  2. aInaccurate classification by the five-gene assay benchmarked against the post-operative pathological diagnosis