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Table 2 CD45neg subpopulations at baseline

From: In patients with metastatic breast cancer the identification of circulating tumor cells in epithelial-to-mesenchymal transition is associated with a poor prognosis

Cell class Immunophenotype Median (25th; 75th)
 E CTCa E+M 8 (3; 24)
 EM CTCa E+M+ 3 (0; 9)
 MESa EM+ 45 (15; 95)
 NEGa EM 4 (0; 14)
Derived parameters Function Median (25th; 75th)
 ETOT CTCa EM CTC + E CTC 10 (4; 33)
 CD45nega ETOT CTC + MES + NEG 96 (42; 145)
 EM CTC fraction over CD45neg b EM CTC/CD45neg × 100 2 (0; 8)
 ETOT CTC fraction over CD45neg b ETOT CTC/CD45neg × 100 16 (5; 30)
 MES fraction over CD45neg b MES/CD45neg × 100 79 (40; 88)
 NEG fraction over CD45neg b NEG/CD45neg × 100 4 (0; 15)
  1. Summary of the definition of the cell subpopulations counted by DEPArray, the parameters computed from these absolute cell numbers, and the descriptive statistics, expressed as median and interquartile range, of cell classes and derived parameters (n = 47)
  2. aResults expressed as absolute number of cells for 7.5 ml of peripheral blood
  3. bResults expressed as percentage
  4. E reactivity to the epithelial antibody cocktail, E CTC subset of CD45neg expressing only epithelial markers, EM CTC subset of CD45neg coexpressing mesenchymal and epithelial markers, ETOT CTC CD45neg cells expressing epithelial markers independently from the expression of mesenchymal markers, M reactivity to the mesenchymal antibody cocktail, MES subset of CD45neg expressing mesenchymal markers only, NEG subset of CD45neg negative to the antibody cocktail