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Table 5 Univariable Cox regression analysis of survival

From: Does primary neoadjuvant systemic therapy eradicate minimal residual disease? Analysis of disseminated and circulating tumor cells before and after therapy

  HR p Value HR p Value
Age   0.0065   0.0162
Tumor size before therapy     
 cT1 vs. cT2 7.621 (1.024–56.707) 0.0473 n.s.
Nodal status after therapy     
 yNo vs. yN2, yN3 3.377 (1.283–8.890) 0.0137 4.104 (1.201–14.027) 0.0243
Response to NACT     
 Partial response vs. no response 3.107 (1.157–8.344) 0.0245 n.a.
 Complete response vs. no response 16.974 (1.971–145.174) 0.0099 n.s.
  1. HR hazard ratio, NACT neoadjuvant chemotherapy, OS overall survival, PFS progression-free survival; n.a. not applicable, n.s. not significant.