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Fig. 3

From: The fibroblast Tiam1-osteopontin pathway modulates breast cancer invasion and metastasis

Fig. 3

Effect of Tiam1 expression in fibroblasts on tumorsphere formation and CD44+/CD24-/ESA+ populations in breast cancer cells isolated from 3D co-cultures. a SUM159 breast cancer cells isolated from 3D co-cultures with indicated mammary fibroblasts were cultured at low density under ultra-low adherence conditions and tumorspheres were quantitated under light microscopy. b Similar experiment as in A using SUM1315 breast cancer cells. c Populations of SUM159 breast cancer cells were quantified by flow cytometry for expression of indicated cell surface markers using fluorophor-conjugated antibodies after isolation from 3D co-cultures with indicated fibroblasts. d Similar experiment as in C using SUM1315 cells. For A-D, results represent duplicate experiments, each with biologic triplicates

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