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Fig. 5

From: Epigenetic silencing of CREB3L1 by DNA methylation is associated with high-grade metastatic breast cancers with poor prognosis and is prevalent in triple negative breast cancers

Fig. 5

CREB3L1 expression is reduced in high-grade human breast tumor samples. a CREB3L1 expression (mRNA) was determined from 213 human breast tumor tissue samples (qPCR) and plotted as fold change relative to the mean value from four normal breast tissue samples (defined as zero on the scale), for each tumor grade. Median ± one quartile (numbers of samples for each grade 4–9: 12, 53, 48, 26, 63, 11): *p <0.05, as compared to grades 4–7; **p <0.01, as compared to grades 4–7. b A large percentage of the high-grade (8 and 9) tumors lacked CREB3L1 mRNA expression (51 % and 73 %, respectively). An average of 53 % of high-grade breast tumors (8 and 9) are CREB3L1-deficient. c CREB3L1 gene methylation was determined for 201 human breast tumor tissue samples, and was plotted for each tumor according to grade (numbers of samples for each grade 4–9: 12, 50, 49, 23, 57, 10). d Negative correlation of CREB3L1 mRNA expression and the level of CREB3L1 DNA methylation (within nucleotides −15 to 238, relative to the translational start site) in 198 breast cancer tumor samples. Spearman correlation (r value) and significance p value

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