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Table 1 Current CDK4/6 inhibitors in clinical development

From: Targeting the cyclin-dependent kinases (CDK) 4/6 in estrogen receptor-positive breast cancers

Compound Manufacturer Phase CDK4/6 in vitro inhibition profile (IC50, nM)
Palbociclib (PD-0332991) Pfizer, Inc. Approved CDK4 (cyclinD1): 11
CDK4 (cyclinD3): 9
CDK6 (cyclinD2): 15
Ribociclib (LEE011) Novartis III CDK4 (cyclinD1): 10
CDK6 (cyclinD2): 40
Abemaciclib (LY2835219) Eli Lilly III CDK4 (cyclinD1): 2
CDK6 (cyclinD1): 9.9