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Fig. 1

From: Alcohol consumption, endogenous estrogen and mammographic density among premenopausal women

Fig. 1

Adjusted mean salivary estrogen by high (red line) and low (blue line) current alcohol intake ac stratified by absolute mammographic density b, c among 190 premenopausal women. a Current alcohol intake: <1 alcohol drink/day, 17.55 pmol/l; ≥1 alcohol drink/day, 20.70 pmol/l; p = 0.034. b Absolute mammographic density ≤2.4 cm2: <1 alcohol drink/day, 17.67 pmol/l; ≥ 1 alcohol drink/day, 19.09 pmol/l; p = 0.486. c Absolute mammographic density >32.4 cm2: ≤1 alcohol drink/day, 17.53 pmol/l; >1 alcohol drink/day, 22.36 pmol/l; p = 0.033. All analyses used linear mixed models for repeated measures, adjusted for age (continuous), body mass index (kg/m2, continuous), number of children (continuous), previous oral contraceptives (categorical), and current smokers (categorical). One drink or unit is equal to 10 g alcohol. Mean salivary estradiol throughout menstrual cycle

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